Colour Therapy

an imageThe Mystery of Colour

Colour Therapy harnesses the energies of light and the colour spectrum to assist in restoring the emotional balance which has created physical disharmony. 

Colour Therapy is also not new to the 20th century.  This amazing form of healing was applied in the Healing Temples of light and colour at Eliopoulos in Egypt, in ancient Greece, China and India. We are simply re-remembering the healing and balancing power of colour that were used in the past, and using it in a form that works for us right now.


What can Colour Analysis do for you?

Once a client has selected the colours from a wide range of beautifully coloured bottles, Dominique analyses the selection (3 bottles for a mini reading, 9 bottles for a full reading) and determines how each colour relates to the client and, with a bit of intuition thrown into the mix, she puts together an analysis of the colours selected, which is then emailed to you so that you can read it as many times as you like!

The information that comes from a simple selection of colours is tremendous! It highlights the emotional state, any issues the client may have, physical ailments, past traumatic experiences and oooooooodles more! BUT Dominique does not just leave it there, she also advises on what can be done to correct any irregularities that are displayed. 

Once the analysis is done and the client has received it, it is in the hands of the client to make changes where necessary – everything will happen when it is meant to!


The Nitty Gritty

A mini analysis (3 bottles) will cost you R50.00, a full analysis (9 bottles) will cost you R150.00, and will be emailed to an email address, as provided by you, within 1 week from payment – usually less than that!

The colour selection can either be done at our premises in Alberton, or via the online selection click here. The process is the same!


Colour Parties

You can host your own colour party! The basic concept is somewhat like that of a tupperware party, where you get together a group of friends who would like to have a colour analysis done. Dominique brings along all of the colour bottles (for the selections) as well as all sorts of colourful goodies to set the mood, and to show you how you can bring colour into your life. The hostess receives a free mini analysis and there is a minimum requirement of 6 people who would like Full colour readings at R150.