an imageAngel Card Readings

Life is a long long journey, and oftentimes we reach a point where we just need a little bit of guidance to help us make a decision, or a tiny bit of light to let us know if we are on the right path (or the wrong one!)

This is a loving and gentle way to receive help and direction from the spirit and angelic realms. This specific modality uses cards for a physical confirmation of the messages that are received during a reading.


Runic Readings

The Celts used Runes to predict the future, or to help them to make decisions during life changing situations. Dominique has been blessed with the ability of foresight, and with the assistance of the Runes, she is able to assist you in finding the right path.




Pendulums have, for many many centuries, been used to give answers to many questions. With the use of a few pendulums, that have been attuned to her energy field, Dominique is able to assist in giving you the answers to the questions you need answering!