an imageReiki

This is an ancient healing procedure that uses the placement of light hands to transmit healing energies throughout the body. It is a method of healing that usually requires multiple sessions but allows the body and soul to slowly adjust to the changes introduced to the energy system.


Crystal Therapy

This is the use of crystals, individually selected for their wavelengths, to influence energy fields. Depending on the circumstances, this could be used in conjunction with other treatments or by itself. 

Crystal grids - these are a way to introduce energy into your life without it becoming obvious that you are using alternative methods (for those who wish to remain discreet) 

Feng Shui using crystals - especially in the current economic climate, we cannot all build our own houses, putting the rooms in the exact spot they are meant to be. Crystal Feng Shui utilises the energy grids in your home and influences them to obtain maximum energy efficiency.


Quantum Touch Healing

This is a gentle method of hands on healing that utilises the same energy system as Reiki, but magnifies the healing. This healing modality is best utilised in situations that require immediate physical response. This method is very effective in healing short term physical ailments.


Theta Healing

This is a technique that focuses on thought and prayer. This modality is used when a physical manifestation is actually caused by a mental or emotional pre-condition. You have heard the saying 'you are your mother's child'...this has a deeply rooted emotional association that most people are not aware of. Every person has adopted beliefs that are often caused by things that their mother said or did  (as an example), that they are not mentally aware of, but that could cause physical ailments. An example would be someone who is extremely introverted. It may be discovered through Theta that the basis of this emotional 'ailment' is that the person believes they are not worthy of praise. Theta discovers the cause of the problem and then also removes the issue through affirmations.