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Dominique and Nicolas are a husband and wife team who, through learning about themselves, have learned that they are able to help others discover themselves too. 

Their journey together started through the simple act of finding each other (a story they will both be glad to tell you if you dare to ask!) and since that day they have discovered that their individual abilities compliment the other in amazing ways! It was soon discovered that this yin/yang couple were meant to be together to form a complete synergy of healing that is seldom found.


Energy Health - Nicolas's abilities are focused on physical healing, and Dominique's abilities are focused on emotional healing, a combination that is both powerful and effective. Consultations are often done together to determine the most effective and direct method to obtain the desired result.

Mystical Mosaics - Something every single healer will tell you to do is to meditate, but not everyone can sit in a quiet room, in lotus position, waiting for divine inspiration! Active minds need something else to distract them in order to get into a meditative state.

Dominique, being blessed with an incredibly active mind, discovered that Mosaic is a wonderful form of active meditation (active meditation allows the conscious mind to concentrate on a physical requirement, while the subconscious mind works through all of the things going on in your life)! This form of active meditation helps her during stressful times, and she decided she just had to share it!

Let them help you on your journey, it's one you will never forget!.