Where art breathes life!

an imageAt Mystical Mosaics we believe you do not need to have an artistic or creative background in order to create beautiful mosaics, it is an art that can be as basic or as complicated as you wish to make it, and no matter what your intention, the end result is always wonderful!

There can be no greater pleasure than watching an old box, destined for the rubbish heap, transform into a beautiful artwork, or creating a personalised, unique gift for a loved one.

Whether you are wanting to learn the art, are in search of affordable supplies, are looking for a personalised gift or need artwork designed to your specific needs, Mystical Mosaics can assist! Visit our Mosaic Classes page for more details.

We have a wide range of tiles, tools, inserts, embellishments and blanks in store, and a number of books we can order for you, all at incredibly competitive prices. Mosaic is an art that is notorious for being expensive, but here at Mystical Mosaics we do not believe in huge profit margins at the expense of the artist - we believe that mosaic is an art that all should be able to enjoy, and this is reflected in our pricing. Visit Mosaic Supplies for our complete range.

We are based in the South of Johannesburg and will open the store upon request, evenings and weekends included.