Mosaic Classes

an imageMystical Mosaics offers novice mosaic classes in the Albertsdal, Alberton (JHB) area. Classes are kept small and are done in a friendly home environment to ensure relaxation and individual attention. 

Each class costs R300. This cost includes:
1. Lesson and advice
2. Use of all tools, glues, etc
3. A variety of blanks to choose from to create your mosaic
4. Various templates and books to assist with ideas
5. A wide variety of tiles to use on the day. The tiles used in the class are river glass tiles.
5. A grouting demo, and each student goes home with more than enough grout to complete their project at home once the glue has dried completely.

The classes are usually completed within 4 hours, depending on the students, but we do not rush you. We are happy to assist you with your project until it is complete. Mosaic is about enjoying creativity, not about running toward the goalposts!

Alternatively, you are able to purchase the necessary blanks, tiles and embellishments from the supplies available in our store, and use these in the class. In this case, you would not pay the R300 fee, but pay for the supplies bought, and then a R30 per hour studio fee, which entitles you to the use of the tools, glues and grouts in the studio, as well as advice from the teacher.

Colour Therapy mosaic classes are now also available! For centuries colour has been used to treat many aspects of life (personality disorders, finances, health etc). The Colour Therapy mosaic class entails a colour consultation with a certified colour therapist, wherein the therapist will advise which colours the student should use (based on the results of the analysis), followed by a mosaic class (as above). Details of this class are available on request.